KidsApp is mobile software for parental control, mobile apps activity control, statistics and motivation goals for kids with the functions to block/ unlock other applications on device, set limits / add/decrease the amount of time to use applications.

These Terms of use ("Terms") set out the legally binding terms for your use of the mobile application – KidsApp («Service») and your continued use of the Service represents your consent to these Terms.

The validity of this public offer is until February 1, 2025.

1. Terms and definitions

1.1. Administration of the Service (above and hereinafter – "Administration") is a legal entity that grants the User the right to use the Service through the conclusion of the Sublicense agreement on the terms of this Terms.
The Administration is

Enaza Apps, LLC
TIN 5905059842
426011, Udmurtia Republic, Izhevsk, Deryabina 3/4, office 225/2, Russia

1.2. User – an individual who intends to purchase the right to use the Service.

1.3. Remuneration – the fee for granting a non-exclusive right to use the Service.

1.4. Website– the website

1.5. Description – the information available in on the web page of the application and designed to familiarize the user with the properties of the Service.

2. General conditions

2.1. By purchasing the Service the User agrees with the Terms. The relations between the User and the Administration shall be governed by the provisions of the current legislation of the United States of America.

2.2. The Administration has the right to make changes to this Terms including the cost of acquiring the right to use the Service, at any time.

2.3. The opportunity to acquire the right to use the Service is provided only to registered Users.

2.4. When registering, the user provides information on the address of its email, telephone number, as well as the password. If necessary, other data may be requested accordance with the Privacy policy.

By providing its personal data, the User agrees to their processing by the Administration, including for the purpose of promoting the goods and services by the Administration in accordance with the Privacy policy.

2.5 The User must get acquainted with information about the Service, including the characteristics of digital devices and computers necessary for the normal reproduction of the Service.

2.6. The payment for the acquired Service occurs with the use of payment systems.

2.7. The User is fully responsible for providing incorrect information, which resulted in the impossibility of proper performance by the Administration of its obligations to the User.

2.8. The payment of the Service by the User is carried out at the price established by the Description, in the manner and terms agreed by the User at the time of placing the Order.

2.9. Acceptance by the User of this Offer is a payment for the Service in accordance with the terms of the order. From the moment the User accepts the Offer, the Condition for using the Service is considered concluded on the terms of this Offer.

2.10. The moment of payment for the Service is considered the receipt in full of the corresponding amount of money to the settlement account of the Administration.

2.11. The Administration has the right to assign or otherwise transfer its rights and obligations arising from its relations with the User to third parties provided that the rights and interests of the User are respected.

2.12. The Administration has the right to send messages to the User of advertising nature. If the User does not wish to receive mailings from the Administration, it may refuse them.

2.13. The Administration undertakes not to disclose the information received from the User. It is not considered a violation when the Administration provides information to agents and third parties acting on the basis of an agreement with the Administration for the performance of obligations to the User. The disclosure of the information is not considered a violation of obligations in accordance with reasonable and applicable requirements of the law. The Administration is not responsible for the information provided by the User on the website in a public form.

2.14. The User understands and agrees that he is not entitled to distribute the Service, publicly display or perform it, broadcast it on radio or television by air or cable, process, translate, make any changes to the Service, and make it accessible to any person at any time at his choice (including via the Internet), and use the Service for any commercial purpose. Any use of the Service, other than directly permitted by this Agreement, the Sublicensing Agreement, or the Agreement on granting access to the use of Service (depending on the type of Service), without the prior written permission of the Administration, is prohibited.

2.15. All Service is the intellectual property of the Administration and/or its Partners. It is prohibited to reprint text materials, photos, and illustrations without the written consent of the copyright holder, and other use – without reference to the copyright holder.

2.16. You are responsible for paying any commission payments, taxes or other costs associated with the purchase and delivery of your goods and arising as a result of your relationship with payment service providers, as well as for the payment of fees and taxes imposed by your local customs authorities or other regulatory authorities.

3. Acquisition of the rights to Service on usual terms

3.1. When the User acquires the rights to the Service under normal conditions, the Activation Service is delivered to him by e-mail within 48 hours from the date of payment.

4. Guarantees of the parties

4.1. The User guarantees that before the payment he has become acquainted with the Description of the Service and the properties of the Service satisfy the User's requirements.

4.2. The user guarantees that:

The user is not a person who, under the laws of the United States of America or any other state of which the person is a resident or from whose territory the Service is being purchased, is prohibited from purchasing this type of Service;

The user has sufficient degree of legal capacity to acquire the rights to use the Service he has chosen;

The User undertakes to exclude from the use of the Service persons who have not reached the corresponding age. In the event of a violation of this condition, the User is solely responsible for the consequences of such violation without the possibility of making claims to the Administration.

5. Return of funds

5.1. The User has the right to demand a refund of funds for the paid Service in the event that the Administration fails to fulfill the obligations to the User and the User does not receive the rights to use the Service within 48 hours after payment of the Service or receipt of the Service of inadequate quality. In other cases, the User has no right to demand a refund.

5.2. The return of funds occurs after the User's application to the technical support of the Administration, to the e-mail address of the Administration. The return period is up to 7 working days.

5.3. The return of funds to the User is carried out either to a bank card, which can be used to purchase Service.

6. Responsibility of the parties for failure to perform or for the improper performance of obligations and the procedure for resolving disputes

6.1. For failure to perform or improper performance of the Sublicense contract concluded on the terms of this Offer, the parties are liable in accordance with the applicable law.

6.2. All disagreements are resolved through negotiations if it is impossible to settle the disagreement through negotiation within 10 calendar days from the receipt of the claim by the relevant party – by a court order. By this agreement, the jurisdiction of disputes shall be established at the location of the Administration.